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World’s Most Advanced Cork Closure To Debut in U.S. at Unified Wine and Grape Symposium


Diam 30 is the first cork closure with a 30-year lifetime 


MODESTO, Calif.  (Janurary 14, 2014) – The new Diam 30, the world’s most advanced cork closure with the ability to last more than thirty years, will make its U.S. debut later this month at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento.  Based on independent laboratory accelerated aging studies, the Diam 30 far surpasses the lifetime of natural corks.

“The Diam 30 is a new addition to our Diam range of closures and one of the most exciting developments in our industry. This innovation will help wineries avoid delicate, risky re-corking procedures after 20 years of cellaring,” said Dominique Tourneix, CEO Diam Bouchage.

The closure was developed for high-end wines by Diam Bouchage after years of research.  Diam 30 has one of the lowest permeability rates of any closure on the market with a controlled oxygen intake.  Its manufacturing process guarantees absolute consistency from one closure to another which assures winemakers a slow, consistent aging process throughout the wine’s entire cellaring period.  In addition, the patented DIAMANT® process insures every Diam 30 closure will guarantee no cork TCA* and guard against many other molecules which result in off aromas or flavors. Diam 30 will be presented at the Diam booth #317 at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, California.

“The Diam 30 closure is perfect for the luxury wine market to safeguard wine throughout the aging process and to assure a consistent aging process,” said Mihailo Panovich, Vice President of sales for G3 Enterprises.  He added, “Given Diam’s cork technology and expertise, I am confident Diam 30 will be very successful in the U.S.”

Diam Bouchage is a leader in manufacturing technological corks including Diam for still wines, Mytik for sparkling wines and Altop for spirits.  Each year, the company sells more than one billion closures around the world.  G3 Enterprises, a leading packaging and logistics company for wine and spirits, is the sole distributor of Diam 30 and all Diam products in the United States.


About Diam Bouchage:

Diam Bouchage manufactures and markets technological cork closures for still wines (Diam), sparkling wines (Mytik) and spirits (Altop). A leader in the manufacturing of technological corks, Diam Bouchage is a subsidiary of Oeneo, a group dedicated to serving the wine industry. 

*TCA below the limit of qualifiable detection (<0.3 ng/L by GC/MS).

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