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In-Line Ready® dual technology – One-year anniversary


oenobrandsThe 2013 Simei trade fair marked 50 years of this major event in the wine -making industry. It was also a special date for Oenobrands, who celebrated the one-year anniversary of its InLine Ready® system by bringing a roadshow to the event to present this dual technology. InLine Ready® was officially launched in November 2012 at the Vinitech exhibition in Bordeaux. Over the last year, it has been widely promoted at fairs around the world and put to use by many winemakers in South Africa and Europe during 2013’s crushing season.

In-Line Ready® dual technology consists of two inseparable components: In -Line Ready® yeasts and the In-Line Ready® FMY45 machine.

  1. In-Line Ready® yeasts are produced using a unique process that enables them to be added directly to the must with no risk of loss in viability, growth capacity or fermentation ability.
  2. The In-Line Ready® FMY45 machine is a high-shear solid–liquid mixer that provides instant dispersal and activation of dry yeast.

Since its launch last year, the In-Line Ready® system has been implemented by winemakers in South Africa, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. To date it has been used successfully in 50 wineries, fermentting on more than 90,000 hl of must from 20 different g rape varieties to produce white, rosé and red wines. The technology has been applied to several strains of yeast, such as In -Line Ready® Fermicru® VR5, AR2, LCVB, VB1 In-Line Ready® Fermivin® PDM, and In-Line Ready® Enolevure®K34.

To reveal the advantages of this dual technology system, In-Line Ready® has been presented at major wine industry events around the world:

  • Enomaq 2013: Zaragoza, Spain (where it received an award for technological innovation)
  • Intervitis Interfructa 2013: Stuttgart, Germany
  • The Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference 2013: Sydney, Australia
  • Simei 2013: Milan, Italy (where it received a ‘Lucio Mastroberardino Innovation Challenge’ prize)

The In-Line Ready® system is increasingly being recognized by winemakers and other professionals in the wine industry as a consistent, simple and fast solution for yeast addition. Its advantages include:

Speed and Ease of use (a thousand hectoliter tank can be yeasted in 2 minutes)

  • Reproducibility of yeast inoculation
  • Limitation of human error due to pressure and time constraints
  • Flexibility during peak season
  • Labor, water and energy savings
  • A machine that is multipurpose, robust and simple to maintain

The In-Line Ready® dual technology system (the In-Line Ready® FMY45 machine and In-Line Ready® yeasts) will be available in both hemispheres for 2014’s crushing period.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

To find out more about Oenobrands, its solutions, innovations and brands, visit its website, www.oenobrands.com, or Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Oenobrands.

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Oenobrands at SIMEI

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