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Vintners’ Alliance Tracking Record Number of Potential Wine Buyers


Vintners AllianceUtilizing proprietary technology, Vintners’ Alliance currently tracks over three million potential wine buyers each month.

San Francisco, CA November 05, 2013 – Vintners’ Alliance announced today that they have successfully mapped the online buying habits of more than 3M unique potential buyers since August 1st. Vintners’ Alliance communicates with these online wine buyers through their proprietary behavioral targeting network, believed to be the only scaled display advertising service for alcohol in the US.

Behavioral targeting is an online process of placing cookies on visitors’ browsers, based on surfing history, and has been in use for over ten years in other eCommerce industries, yet so far unused in the wine industry. The practice determines who potential online buyers might be based on their surfing history, and then serves ads based on their interests.

“Our industry is comfortable with using social media and search engines to drive traffic,” explains Vintners’ Alliance President Ahin Thomas. “What wineries don’t realize is that behavioral targeting, or marketing to customers based on their preferences and buying habits, extends beyond their social media presence and into every customer-facing aspect of the business. It is an “omnichannel” concept. At VA, we surface relevant content throughout the Internet and then dynamically merchandise our website to what we know about each individual.”

“Wine is a multi-billion dollar luxury industry, but less than five percent of wine sales occur online. That gap is astounding and exists because customers experience too much friction in an online transaction. It’s too hard to find wines they love, and it costs too much to ship.” Mr. Thomas continued, ”At VA, we’re deploying proven data based techniques to remove that friction and those costs. We get the wine you love into the customer’s hands quickly and efficiently. Our goal this holiday season is to demonstrate how we can turn data and audience into sales. ”

Now in their fourth year, Vintners’ Alliance provides marketing solutions to over 200 wineries. Their Marketplace allows their wineries to directly connect with the existing pool of 3M+ online wine buyers. For more info, please visit corporate.vintnersalliance.com.



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