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Agrothermal Systems Announces Early 2013 Results of Wine Grape Fruit Set – 24% Increase

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agrothermal-logoAugust 29, 2013, Walnut Creek, CA. – Agrothermal Systems 2013 early season fruit set results continues to support  the effectiveness of Thermal Plant Treatment (TPT) to advance  fruit set of wine grapes during bloom.  The data shows that TPT increased the number of berries set per bunch by an average of 24% when compared with matched control blocks that did not receive TPT applications. In addition average TPT treated bunch weights showed a 26% advantage over non-treated blocks.

The data was developed in conjunction with The Dawson Company and was gathered from 3-6 weeks after fruit set during July and early August.  Ten different blocks of treated and ten control were sampled using a random technique that led to 30 bunches from each of the 20 blocks being weighed and counted. The varietals tested included Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay and Malbec. These mid season results include all trials being conducted in the Greenfield and King City, area of California but exclude trials underway at customer winery locations in Oregon and Washington.

According to Dr. Art Dawson of the Dawson Company, “These results are consistent, if not better than earlier fruit set trials done in New Zealand, Chile and the 2012 results from Oregon and California. Thermal Plant Treatment simply sets more of the available flowers in wine grape bunches and this should lead to higher yields at harvest”.  The Company has engaged Fresno State University to assess season end yields and to make and evaluate wine from these same blocks. This work will be the second year in which Fresno State University has monitored results that should be available during late 2013.

Marty Fischer, Agrothermal Systems President and CEO, went on to say, “This confirms the fruit set potential of TPT. In both 2012 and 2013 when the entire industry had unusually high fruit set due to favorable weather conditions during the bloom cycle, TPT recorded solid advantages. We believe that during more difficult climate conditions the advantages would be even greater.”

Further early season results including individual varietal responses are available on the Company website: http://agrothermalsystems.com/company/

Lazo TPC Global, Inc., doing business as Agrothermal Systems, is a California corporation formed in January 2007 to develop the global market for thermal technology. The Company holds patents for Thermal Pest Control and has patents pending on other aspects of Thermal technology it has dubbed under the umbrella of Thermal Plant Treatment.


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