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More than 250 Premium Wines Are Now On Tap at 1,500 Venues Nationwide Thanks to Free Flow Wines’ Kegging and Logistics Services


freeflowwinesFree Flow Wines helps venues ‘go green’ with a better tasting, environmentally friendly way to serve wine by the glass

Napa, CA, August 20, 2013 — Free Flow Wines, the pioneer of premium wine on tap, announced today that more than 250 premium wines are now on tap at more than 1,500 restaurants, hotels, sports and entertainment venues nationwide thanks to Free Flow Wines’ kegging and logistics services. Free Flow Wines has spent the past three years building the infrastructure to make wine on tap a reality for the wine and hospitality industries. Small and large venues, like Marriott Hotels and Caesars Entertainment, are now offering wine on tap at their bars and restaurants. Free Flow Wines recently spearheaded a change to two Florida laws that limited the size of wine containers to one gallon. The new laws allow restaurants and hospitality chains to offer wine on tap in their restaurants across all 50 states.

“Free Flow Wines allows us to offer great wines on tap so that our guests can experience them just as the winemaker intended,” said Lou Trope, Vice President Restaurant and Bar at Marriott Hotels. “It is not only a great quality solution but also alleviates the common wine storage challenges behind the bar.”

The Free Flow Wines kegging equipment was custom built for placing fine wine safely into kegs and their state-of-the-art facility has been vetted by the wine industry’s most sophisticated quality control teams. The company will increase their fleet of 30,000 reusable kegs to 50,000 by the end of this year and is moving to a new 22,000 square foot facility in Napa. Free Flow’s logistics services enable effective distribution of wine in this new format and wineries, from large corporations to small family-owned vineyards, are now offering their premium wines via Free Flow Wines.

“Wine on tap has allowed us to deliver wine in an exciting new way,” said Dave Nientimp, Vice President of Marketing at Constellation Brands, Inc. “The founders of Free Flow Wines are wine industry professionals who understand that quality is key in this business.” “Kegging wine is not easy,” said Dan Donahoe, Co-Founder and Chairman of Free Flow Wines. “We’ve spent a lot of time and energy perfecting the process of placing fine wine in a keg so that it is served exactly as the winemaker intended. The hospitality industry needed this solution to take their wine programs to the next level of quality and sustainability.”

Free Flow Wines is a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way to serve wine on tap for the wine and hospitality industries. These industries are moving away from bottles to tap systems to maintain wine integrity from the barrel to the glass, while cutting down on waste. Each wine keg holds the equivalent of 26 bottles and in 2012 Free Flow Wines saved 347,254 bottles, corks, capsules, labels and cases (equaling over 260 tons of packaging waste) from landfills nationwide.

“Caesars Entertainment pioneered premium wine on tap in Las Vegas,” said Chris Picone, Director of Strategic Sourcing, National Beverage, at Caesars Entertainment. “By installing wine on tap throughout the casino we have saved over four tons of trash and contributed significantly to our Code Green initiative. Wine on tap offers our valued customers a fresher product with every glass whether it’s at one of the Caesars Palace restaurants, live entertainment venues, or the casino floor.”

“The wines we are offering on tap are the wines I enjoy drinking,” said Jordan Kivelstadt, the Co-Founder and CEO of Free Flow Wines, as well as an established winemaker. “We are pleased to offer so many great wines and we look forward to offering more premium labels as we grow our business.”

For a list of the premium wines available through Free Flow Wines: http://bit.ly/11rDqxA.

Free Flow Wines History
Free Flow Wines was founded in 2009 when the company launched their wine on tap services and a proprietary wine on tap brand called Silvertap. While the company has
focused on perfecting their kegging and logistics services, the company recently sold the Silvertap brand to The Smart Wine Company and is now 100% focused on kegging and logistics services for premium wines.

About Free Flow Wines
Free Flow Wines is the pioneer of premium wine on tap and delivers the world’s wine brands to the taps of restaurants and venues nationwide. Free Flow Wines’ kegging and
logistics services have allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move away from bottles to a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of serving wine on tap, while
maintaining wine integrity from the barrel to the tap. Free Flow Wines was founded in 2009 and has more than 250 large and small winery clients from Trefethen Family Vineyards in Napa Valley, to SIMI Winery in Sonoma and King Estate in Oregon. Their clients’ wines are offered on tap to a variety of restaurants, premium hotels, sports and entertainment venues nationwide. Find them online at FreeFlowWines.com, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr @FreeFlowWine.

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