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State of the Art Mobile Filtration and Winemaking Solutions for Winemakers, by Winemakers


winetech_logoState of the Art Mobile Filtration and Winemaking Solutions for Winemakers, by Winemakers

Location: Napa, CA
Web: www.winetech.us
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Winemakers are constantly looking to improve their processes, reduce costs, and increase quality. Each year they are entrusted with the honor and responsibility to reach for the vintage’s full potential and ultimately achieve the best wine possible. At Winetech they know what this means, because they themselves are winemakers.

While wine filtration has been the norm for decades, the how wineries filter and the technology used continues to change at a rapid pace. Winemakers have become better educated about how to maximize the utility of filtration and minimize the potential side effects.

“Being winemakers ourselves, we know very well that winemaking is both an art and a science,” Says Stefano Migotto, “Winetech has the necessary experience to take a proven, systematic approach to filtering wine that leaves behind most of the guesswork.”

Winetech couples their extensive know-how and hands-on expertise in all areas of “wine-tuning”, to provide top tier consulting services and mobile filtration solutions that improve every step in the winemaking the process.

Equipment choices for mobile services have come from years of Winetech’s testing the newest global filtration, membrane technologies and treatment column options. The result is a stellar combination of the best equipment paired with extensive winemaking experience and research.

Winetech provides more than just a state of the art, equipment; they offer their collective winemaking experience impact your wine quality in a collaborative way that ensures their winery customers are part of that process at every step.

Winetech has been delivering superior filtration and purification solutions for more than 15 years. They offer high quality, high performance, and cost effective solutions to satisfy the oenophile’s high standards.

For a mobile filtration solution, Winetech offers the following services:

  • 4EP-4EG Removal
  • Smoke Taint Removal
  • Ethyl Acetate Removal
  • De-Alcoholization
  • Crossflow Filtration
  • VA Adjustment
  • Lees Filtration
  • TCA-TBA Removal

Contact Information

Winetech LLC
Phone: (707) 257-2080
Fax: (707) 257-2680
[email protected]

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