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Tell Me A Story…

Elizabeth Slater- Founder & Vice President of WIN

My friend John says often, “We are known to the world by the stories that we tell… I love telling stories and I love hearing stories.  In my work I talk to lots of winery folks and hear lots of winery stories. Here is one of my favorites:

“We are a family owned winery, only using the finest grapes to make handcrafted, award winning wines.”

The reason I love this story so much; because it’s used by most of the wineries in North America to describe their winery. Many times the word small is inserted as the fourth word in the sentence. Do I think it’s a story that will differentiate a winery from most other wineries in North America? Not for a second!

While these are good things to tell visitors, customers, the press, distributors, wine shops, your dentist and the lady at the dry cleaners, it is not a sentence that will make you stand out from the crowd and bring people rushing to your door.

Is your story about terroir, quality, soil, micro-climate, grape clones or French oak?  All good things, but will these things differentiate you from hundreds or thousands of other wineries? Once again, a resounding NO!

Keep this information as part of your story, the part you tell after you tell your real story, which could just as well be about the history of the land – A meteorite fell just two yards from your winery in 6000BCE (or BC) and is still stuck in the ground – or the fact that your dog can howl the tune to Red Red Wine by Neil Diamond (if  the dog thing is true, make sure your post a video of the dog doing that on your website).

Okay, so one of those two is a little silly (you decide which one). My point is that your story can be about anything that will interest people and keep them delving further into your website and subsequently visiting your winery.

What is your story?  Tell me your story through this blog or through WIN’s Facebook page and I will, in a future blog, post my favorites from the ones we receive, point out why these are good stories and how you can structure your stories to help promote your winery and wines to potential customers.

Can’t wait to curl up with a glass of wine and start reading!

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