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The Wine Industry Advisor welcomes articles from industry experts; however, we ask that your article follow these simple editorial guidelines. Expert Editorials are intended as a means for you to share your expertise with the Wine Industry Advisor community and not as an advertising piece. This doesn’t mean that you cannot mention your company name or product in the article, but that the bulk of the article should be focused on sharing original, valuable wine industry specific information with the readers. The suggested length is 500 to 700 words, and we encourage you to include any images you have the rights to use. You will be credited as the article’s author with name and company logo as well as a link to your website or Wine Industry Network profile. If you are interested in writing an Expert Editorial for the Wine Industry Advisor, please contact with a brief summary of your article. All submissions are subject to review by the Wine Industry Advisor, which retains editorial privilege.

Wine Packaging: Making the Packaging as Unique as the Wine

A wine maker’s story and heritage is difficult to capture through a label or standard packaging. The true test for making a wine’s story...

The Trouble with Wine Dinners – Straitjackets

This will probably tick someone off in the hospitality trade, whether eatery or winery. As few nuggets of avuncular counsel go but misconstrued, this advice considers the prix fixe special wine dinner at your favorite leave the children at home restaurant.

Long-Time Napa Valley Vintners and Growers Enthusiastically Support Measure C

Napa County is the wine-producing haven it is today because of forward-looking protections put in place by local leaders half a century ago. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Napa County’s Agricultural Preserve, which protects farming – including winemaking – as the highest and best use of most of the land on the valley floor, we feel a keen responsibility to protect this way of life for future generations.

Selling Wine in the Tasting Room

There is nothing surreptitious about selling wine in a tasting room or at a tasting event; the visitor is there anticipating buying a new-found...

How to Modernize Your Wine Brand Without Sacrificing Heritage

There are more opportunities to drive relevancy with your wine brand than ever before, due in part to the fact that people are consuming it in record numbers.

The Tasting Room: Branding or Marketing

In selling wine, especially in the tasting room, there is a difference between marketing and branding. Yes, the two are often co-mingled, but they...

Managing the Wine Industry’s Toughest Risk Exposures

Your treasured winery may be borne of a recent family vision, carefully nurtured to newfound popularity and success … or a coveted legacy, handed...

Winery PR Doesn’t Sell Wine!

Winery PR does not directly sell wine, nor is it intended to do so. This is not a retraction from my previous article –...

Precision Agriculture – An Essential Tool for Effective Management Strategies

During my tenure as a Soils Scientists at Coastal Viticultural Consultants (CVC), I have observed in recent years that the concept of precision agriculture (PA) has gained coverage in the press and agricultural industry technical meetings, and has increased in its implementation. Precision agriculture seems to have a breath of definitions, beliefs and aspects within the agricultural community.

Why Wineries Need Specialized Digital Audits

Consumers have increasingly turned to digital channels to learn about new wines and wine tasting experiences, research wines as they stand in the grocery store aisle, and buy more wine, more frequently, online.  

Music Adds Even More Taste to America’s Wineries

What’s better, really, than sipping a wonderful glass of wine in a beautiful vineyard with music playing in the background? Not many things come to mind. Because appealing to the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch all at one time is difficult to do. And yet, wineries across America are doing it in their own unique ways.

Tasting Room Trends: 2017 Review and 2018 Forecasts

At VingDirect, we exist to help family wineries achieve their direct to consumer goals. Whether your focus is to grow sales and wine club members,...

Changing Our Thinking for the Digital Age

By Susan DeMatei Wineries, as their true selves, are an agricultural business. Sagacious written advice for agriculture success has been around a long time –...

How Tax Reform Could Impact the Wine, Beer, and Spirits Industries

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) into law. Within the legislation, which became effective January 1,...

Why Single-Serve Wine Is a Popular Option

Single-serve wine has become increasingly popular in the past year with convenience and portability being a growing trend. As a result, more companies are offering single-serve wine packaging options, which allow customers to take wine on the go at a picnic or BYOB functions.