OENODIA (Booth 2506) will be featuring information on their new STARS XF system as well as their unique STARS (Selective Tartrate Removal System) process for TARTRATE STABILIZATION and pH ADJUSTMENT.  Visiting experts from their corporate headquarters in France will be on hand to answer any questions.

Oenodia, one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the wine and agri-business communities, has initiated the next step in the evolution of wine processing by introducing their STARS-Line.

The STARS-Line will offer a Single-Pass, In-Line Clarification, Filtration and Tartrate Stabilization process by allowing Centrifuge, Crossflow (XF) and STARS systems to communicate with each other.   STARS-XF which offers the combination of Crossflow with Tartrate Stabilization is the first step of the evolution and is now exclusively available from Oenodia North America.

Oenodia North America
UWGS Booth: 2506

OENODIA is the oenology division of Eurodia Industrie S.A, (France) one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the agri-food industry. OENODIA®, provides membrane based eco-processes used for tartaric stabilization, acidification, de-acidification, cross-flow filtration and de-alcoholization of wines.

OENODIA’S STARS (Selective Tartrate Removal System) for TARTRATE STABILIZATION and pH ADJUSTMENT delivers a membrane-based technology, utilizing their exclusive Electrodialysis technique that safely and effectively removes wine tartrates, and has been proven to enhance wine quality, save power, eliminate wine loss, reduce water usage and works with very large volumes.  STARS is available in both a stationery unit that is for sale directly to wineries and a Mobile Service which delivers the technology and process right to your winery door.

Their STARS Mobile Service will also offer information on how wineries can utilize their mobile system.

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